South America trip 2017

Important note: This page is still under work. It will be completed as soon as possible with the detailled sub sections. 


After a year in Bolivia, and before coming back on the old continent, we did a 4-month tour of South America. Well, a short version of it. It hasn’t been easy to decide our road. ==> more here about the planninfication <==

From May 2017, 4 months, with a really heavy – why oh why – backpack, hit the road, Mochilero. Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname, Brazil again, Colombia, Peru, and back in La Paz in September for our flight home.

Map of our trip




French Guyana




Practicaly speaking

We’ve been using intensively and OSMAnd during our trip.

  • having the advantage of including the location of all Booking hostels.
  • OSMAnd having the contour line feature perfect for hiking, and it also inludes and offline version of all the geo-localized Wikipedia articles of the region.

We’ve also been using Kiwix for an offline version of the 10k most read Wikipedia pages, plus an offline version of WikiTravel/WikiVoyage that was really helpful for pratical info such as transports.

One of the biggest hesitation while preparing our trip was the camping gears. Travelling with was a backup solution, in case there’s nothing. But it’s pretty heavy to have it all the way. The one thing we weren’t aware of was the price of the hostels vs. camping. We thought we could save some money carrying the tent, but the gap was so small that we finally only used the tent for 10 out of 120 nights. If it was to be done again, I would not carry the camping gears again.

Use of the Booking website was unfortunately often easier, and prices were lower than showing up directly at the hostel.