Sarek – Ice Age 4 – Lake of Fire

Day 3: Aktse – Pårte: 25km +100m/-150m Flat day, but long day. We started as soon as possible, because of the length, for sure, but also because of Tjaktjajaure, the big lake of the day (10km of day trail is on it!), that is waiting for us. We’ve heard different things about it, and weContinue reading

Sarek – Ice Age 2 – Hit the road, Jack!

Day 1: Saltoluokta – Sitosjaure: 20km +500m/-300m 6AM, alarm clock, even earlier than a usual working day, we’re not here to rest. Quick look by the window, it’s gray, won’t be the best day, but I can be worse… Anyway! Breakfast quickly swallowed, it’s time to hit the road Jack Sid! Bags on the back,Continue reading

Sarek – Ice Age – Trailer

Abstract: Ski, snow and sun and two hot-heads, that’s all it needs to make the perfect holiday. Characters: Peaches: Young and dynamic, completely unaware of the coming events. Sid: His life’s philosophy: “Hakuna matata! Go for it, we’ll give a though later”. Scenario Saturday March 9th, Panic on board, nothing is ready, leaving Stockholm inContinue reading