Midsommar 2013

Sweden, cold and dark, winter… This is O.V.E.R. This week-end was the one every single Swede is waiting for: Midsommar, the 21st of June. Don’t ask why the first day of summer is called “middle of the summer”, but whatever. Midsommar is on Saturday, but to be sure not to miss it, Friday is holiday too. For safety reasons, I took also Thursday free. Why a Saturday, not a Sunday, as most of the holidays ? To be sure to be back at work sober on Monday. In fact, this holiday is mainly to celebrate the coming summer, and there’s for sure no better way than welcoming it with a beer (or two, or three, …).

That was also for us the best time to jump in a kayak with a tent and a sleeping bag and paddle in Stockholm’s archipelago. Only 4 hours of night, a perfect weather, nice sunset in front of the see, lost in all the islands… We even saw a couple of seals, not from so far away. They are very curious. Funny animals.